Monday, August 25, 2008

Even older

Thanks to Arie on Briar Press, I've discovered my Chandler & Price is even older than we thought.

According to this list my Old Style press, with a serial # of 38489, was built in 1902. I had previously (and incorrectly) dated it at 1904 by looking at a different, less accurate list.

It's 106 years old! What a life.  I know it's seen Ohio (where it was built), Minnesota (to undergo a factory rebuild by Brandtjen & Kluge), Washington state (where I bought it) and has travelled through a whoooole lot of states on the way to Mississippi, where it lives with us now.

I can't help wondering about all the fascinating places I don't know it's been...


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Jo said...

Wow! What a fantastic piece of history! I've been lucky enough to inherit some silversmithing tools, several of them handmade hammers about 40 years old (I think!) that give such a beautiful texture to my work. I love using them! Good luck with the rest of your journey!